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Originally Posted by johns259 View Post
So my question remains: How can you blame them for voting against pro-2A interests?
I've got 2 points to answer this with:
  1. That they would put their careers ahead of what they believe is actually best for this state/country, is despicable. Even more despicable than just being anti-2a, because at least those people *think* they are voting for the right reasons.
  2. The point that he, I, and everyone else are trying to make is: Blame is irrelevant. We're not here to point fingers, we're merely here to vote OUT those who promote the fight against 2a rights. Whether they're voting that way because of personal beliefs, or peer pressure, or career advancement, or because someone kidnapped their child and the ransom note says to vote anti-2a, IT DOES NOT MATTER, VOTE THEM OUT!

Their party affiliation is irrelevant to me.

Assemblywoman Catherine Baker is a Republican... and I want her out of office just as much as I want any Democrat out of office, because she votes against the 2a at every opportunity.

Senator Steven Bradford is a democrat... And I want him to stay, because he votes for 2a rights at least occasionally.

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