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Originally Posted by bigstick61 View Post
Which again, makes them in effect anti-gun. It matters not what they think about it, and a vtoe for them is still an anti-gun vote. That's what it comes down to. All of the rest of the hemming and hawing is irrelevant and pointless.

And yeah, most pro-RKBA voters are on the Right and they aren't going to vote for a Leftist just because they are pro-gun, and RKBA supporters who are single-issue have every reason to be skeptical of Leftist pro-RKBA claims.
So my question remains: How can you blame them for voting against pro-2A interests?

Those running the pro-2A groups have created absolutely no pathway or incentive whatsoever for Mod Dems or others to help out the pro-2A cause at all, which is really really important when they're the majority (supermajority after November) party here and can actually get amendments made on the bills moving, especially when you can get a Mod Dem/GOP consensus on an issue. It's all risk with no possibility of reward for them. Most interests/causes endeavor to make it easy for legislators to help them out, but not the pro-2A groups.
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