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May I suggest another interesting idea?

After you bolt down your real safe, the big one (maybe in a room or closet where you can also lock the door)....

Get a couple of those inexpensive Honeywell duffle-bag sized or dorm-refrigerator sized safes from somewhere like Big Lots or Costco that go for about $60 ($39 on sale). Put them around in conspicuous locations - don't bother to bolt them down - and load them up with a couple of heavy rocks and some small rocks.

A thief won't try to open it during the burglary, but they'll imagine all kinds of goodies inside, especially if you put something like an NRA, H&K, Browning, or SIG SAUER sticker on the outside of it.

It will bog them down, be cumbersome especially at about 50 to 60 pounds each; so the two or three safes will likely be the only thing they try to snatch; with a couple around the house, each idiot will try to carry one of them, debilitating them from being able to carry much of anything else. Thinking they scored big, they will take those and those alone and not bother with wasting time trying to get into the big safes or trying to carry out what are perceived as less promising items.

The mini-safes would be heavy for them to carry, so it will likely be the only thing they steal. They'll hobble with it back to their car. They won't make multiple trips to and from the car as that would be too obvious; just the mini-safes thinking they scored big and "this is great, let's get out of here!".

Miles away, back at their rat-hole, they will finally manage to pry them open and find they are no better off than Charlie Brown on Halloween.

Considering the cost people spend on security and high-end technology to try to STOP a thief (often you don't stop them; you might not even slow them down) the cost and care to plant a couple of decoys likes this is peanuts, and likely to work better than most anything else. The mistake people often make about home security is not putting themselves into the position of being the thief; they only think in terms of what makes themselves "feel" secure, as opposed to role-playing and being creative enough to hypothesize how they might rob their own house. What would they take? What would they do?

And dogs are still one of the best deterrents you can have above anything else.

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