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Originally Posted by Darklyte27 View Post
I appreciate it, most of us work hard for all the stuff we have. Its not racist if its a fact because I have proof as we can see, we know not all are like that though.

I also have a African American friend/coworker thats a cyclist, honest working man, he also worked as a correctional facility for 12 yrs and served in the army.
I am black/white, And I will be the first one to say it. I am sorry for your loss I will be on the look out and spread the info. I know how it feels. Especially someone being in your house, It is very violating. I cant stand thiefs AT ALL. I have had 2 cars stolen/stripped to no repair in the last 2 years. Had my 1911 and shotgun stolen from my mothers house (I let her borrow it, Because she did not have a gun at the time) And I still have not recovered them.
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