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Originally Posted by kel-tec-innovations View Post
Sorry to hear what happened. Hope those animals gets placed back in the zoo.

Here is my setup and has worked so far, this might give you some idea for upgrades.

-Advanced Alarm system with sensor at every windows and door, shatter detector, motion sensors. (ADT basic package is weak)
-Surveillance system with night vision indoor and outdoor with online viewable on phone
-Motion flood lights 360 degree around house
-Every window first floor is gated
-Every door hinge is reinforced, locks are bump key proof and two side key (lock cannot be unlocked either side without key)
-All doors are heavy duty solid wood with reinforced door frame with metal over wood.
-Every window has decal of warning camera and alarm system
-Garage door pull string release removed and any pins replaced with locks (so they can't break garage window and pull the rope to get in or pull the pins that release the door and linkage.
-Surrounding house plants were replaced with Firethorn bush (look it up, VERY spiky vine bush, cannot be climbed over or step over). Basically legal barb wire cluster but looks appealing and attracts birds.
-Multiple safes all bolted down within conceal enclosure

What I need
-A new guard dog (my dog passed, haven't looked for another)
-Alarm system for the safes (tamper alarm)

Window gates, locks, reinforced hindges etc. are available at home Depot

So far all my neighbors have been robbed at some point with some home invasion. Beef up security which is least attractive for criminals, they will go for the easier targets.

Any questions or need help where to find those items PM me.
Very impressive setup. Sounds like it cost a fortune though
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