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Gene, all I'm asking for is an "education letter" from those who have legal knowledge and standing informing a municipal police department that their practices are not in line with state law. Additionally, I'm concerned with proprogating an attitude within the ranks. I'm currently mid-level leadership in the military and can see the writing on wall. For 18 years I've been there in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Turkey, Bosnia, and I live in the Peoples' Republic of California. The policies of leadership will transcend to the troops. No offense, but I can see how non-Calgunners can get irrate with the foundation.

Gene, I mean this respectfully, but speaking of the 12050 permit, you guys have exploited my county for your benefit on CCW. I feel sorry for the guys down in San Diego. So, what's the latest on the case other than to wait for 2 more weeks?
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