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CZ makes some of the best bolt guns on the planet. Regardless of caliber, they all perform great, they have awesome triggers, and they are very accurate from the factory. I had a CZ 452 Ultra Lux in .22 LR (stolen) and currently own a CZ 527 Varmint in .204 Ruger. Both were/are tack drivers. The 527 and 550 line of rifles perform better than anything in their price range and the 7.62x39 version will be an awesome rifle considering the cost of the ammunition and the fact that that lil CZ will bring the best out of that round. If CZ offered a real scout rifle, I would have bought one instead of the Ruger Gunsite Scout, and I love the looks and feel of the Ruger. I looked up and down their catalog before pulling the trigger on the Ruger. I always look to CZ first when considering a bolt action rifle. My next bolt gun will most likely be a CZ 550 Varmint in .308 (The one with the HS Kevlar Stock....such a nice gun)

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