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Dantedamean---no you would not. This is happening to me and alot of other people. First thing first they WILL not answer the phone. Second if they do call you back after you leave a message or respond to a e-mail the person you are talking to is not the DROS person who is making the decisions just a flunky answering the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU need to read the threads completely before you make such a rash statement. What you and alot of other fellow gun enthusiasts need to do is search here and read all the posts to really understand what is going on. Oh another thing, are you married, have kids, have a job, have parents that need you, have a dog that needs to go for a walk, need to tend to your yard. When do you have the time to call them between 1 pm and 4PM when they were excepting calls but now say no calls until 1-14-13 but this date will be pushed out as well. Going thru this has made me feel like a criminal but I assure everyone that is not the case with me and most of the people that have been delayed. Think about this and put yourself in our shoes on how you would do anything differently than anyone that this is happening to. Ok end of rant but seriously search the threads and then come to an informed opinion. I am/was a normal tax paying law abiding caring person but what I believe is happening is that CADOJ IS SEEING JUST HOW FAR THEY CAN PUSH THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS STATE TO KEEP THEM FROM EXERCISING THEIR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Ok now is the end of my rant but this is going to be the norm instead of the exception to all of us.
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