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Originally Posted by dandingo13 View Post
How does everyone know that the RG uppers are DD uppers in disguise, especially at $50 cheaper? Any evidence?
What evidence would you like? You can take a look at the barrel roll mark for one thing. We don't hide who makes our complete upper groups, barrels, upper receivers, and BCG's, which seems to be such a big deal for some vendors Do you guys think BCM is actually manufacturing their own barrels?

Our uppers have been on the market for a few years now and I think the positive feedback from those that have bought them should be enough evidence that they are "proven". We may not have the marketing focus behind our uppers like some companies do, but manufacturing is not our main focus. We are more of a multi-brand retailer first, who just happens to have some nice "store-brand" uppers and lowers available as well.

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