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I like my ruger MkII, but I also like my neos. The neos feels like cheap junk, but it shoots great and has better sights, is easier to clean, and can run longer between cleanings. I can shoot the ruger just a slight bit better as far as group sizes, but I think its more of a weight thing.

I also have a Rossi 22lr revolver which works great but can't touch the semi's for accuracy as it only has a 4" barrel.

As for rifles, a ciener kit is fine for most AR's, although they do jam, it can be worked out.

I also have a savage BVTS MKII. Its an exceptional rifle.

The Remington 597 I just bought is without a doubt the biggest piece of garbage I own. Misfires, poor feeding, not very accurate....its just one sorry excuse for a gun. Remington quality is really poor. Too even produce a gun like the 597 shows a total lack of responsibility and pride from a manufacturer.
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