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Originally Posted by mmesa005 View Post
I am seeking clarification of purchasing a handgun that is on / off the DOJ list. If the purchase is in California can the handgun be off the list since it is already in the state or not?
Only if it is a PPT, intrafamilial transfer or the buyer is exempt, or the firearm is exempt.

If the firearm is a C&R, such as over 50 years old, it does not need to be on the list.

Any exceptions for purchasing out of state and not on the list?
Yes, intrafamilial transfers.

I am looking at some older S&W revolvers that are not on the list or a different dash "-" version is listed but the model I am looking at.
How old? Over 50 years?

Originally Posted by DEPUTYBILL View Post
You can get an off roster gun in many ways. If it is a new gun from a dealer you can SSE it,or if a peace officer buy it as they are exempt from the roster.
It would be hard to make a revolver a single shot, but you can make it a single action, if the size requirement is met.

Originally Posted by SCM View Post
If I'm buying an off list gun in California from a private party, does the transfer have to take place at a single ffl?
Yes. The FFL has to see the seller's ID and enter it into the DROS system.

So if I'm in SoCal and the seller is in NorCal, one of us would have to travel twice to complete the transaction at one ffl. As we can't complete our paperwork with our local ffl's and have the gun shipped. Is that correct?
Correct, it can not be shipped. If the seller goes to the buyer, then there is only one trip, so it might be worth it for the seller to pay for the buyer's travel costs so that the seller does not have to go twice.

Originally Posted by mmesa005 View Post
You are correct. For a PPT of an off roster firearm you both need to be at the FFL together. Yes there are other exceptions but the majority are done this way.
Incorrect. Both the buyer and seller has to go to the same FFL, but not together. The seller could fill out the DROS worksheet and sign it, then the buyer could come later. The buyer could also fill out the DROS worksheet and then have the seller come with the firearm as well.

Originally Posted by SCM View Post
Thanks for the link. There are so many nuances to these things. I noticed in the article it said the DOJ has been rejecting split party transfers lately. So maybe on or off roster is becoming a moot point.
I don't know that they ever said that a split PPT was acceptable.

The last FTF PPT I did a few months ago, the FFL had me buy a new lock from them even though the one I had was identical - it was just a different mfg. Always something.
CA requires a receipt within 30 days for the lock, so if you don't have that and the FFL won't exchange the lock, then you would perhaps need to buy one. One way around that would be to fill out the safe affidavit for CA and you have the lock for the Feds. You could buy and sell locks between friends, but some FFLs might not like handwritten receipts.

Originally Posted by mmesa005 View Post
Did the FFL mail the guns back to you at the end of the 10 day period or did you make a 2nd trip?
The firearms can not be mailed. The buyer has to sign the 4473 after the waiting period ends.
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