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Originally Posted by WolfmanJak View Post
Fair enough. My internet/computer was screwing up last night and i couldn't see the post i submitted and everytime i tried to submit it, it would freeze. I gues in the end it did work.

So it is a possibility that there are departments that do not have a duty to act policy?
We have policy and procedures that must be followed under certain circumstances. If you fail to follow those policies and procedures you can be punished up to termination for neglect of duty. The level of neglect determines the level of punishment. The court decision that keeps getting stated is so widely misinterpreted by 2nd amendment activist it's just absurd and makes them look ignorant. I think it's pretty much common sense there is no way the police can protect the safety of everyone in the United States every minute of everyday. Nobody needs a court decision to reach that conclusion and the court was not even addressing that fact.

The court was essentially leaving policy, procedure, and decision making up to individual departments because it's not competent or able to make field decisions from the comfort of the bench in hind sight.
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