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Default Eyes and Ears for the little ones...

I have 3 little ones that I would like to take shooting. They are 2, 4, and 6. The 2 year old is probably too young to actually shoot, but he'll be in the area with the others.

My question is, what would you recommend to protect their eyes and ears? I tried cutting some of the Walmart Winchester orange earplugs in half, and ended up with bits of foam that didn't fit well in my kids' ears.

Do they make mini ear muffs? Or should I use regular ones? Would ear muffs interfere with using a rifle? How about eyes? What kind of glasses are there?

I'm planning to take my kids out on BLM land, and introduce them to a Marlin 795 .22 rifle. I want them to see what a rifle can do and get a small taste of it.

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