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Originally Posted by Wherryj View Post
I wonder if anyone realizes that even with a "few" CCWs granted in this county, they are mostly, if not all, "connected" people.

I know one of those holding a CCW in Alameda county. Strangely he lives in Contra Costa, but chooses to do some "consulting" for a SWAT team in the county. He does NOTHING relating to firearms, so he has less actual firearms knowledge than I do (I know, he was a former partner of mine).

He has the CCW, and brags about if frequently, because he somehow got a mean-nothing consulting job with a local SWAT team. These types of CCWs inflate the already ludicrously low CCW numbers in this county.

I suspect that if these are taken out, there may be ZERO in Alameda?
Unless he is a resident of Alameda county the only CCW they can issue to him is a 90 day permit and that is only good while in the county. It also requires his work be in Alameda county (though if he's consulting with SWAT, I suppose that is covered.) Additionally that 90 day permit must be paid for as a renewal every 90 days. I think it would be most helpful if you would PM or email the particulars to Brandon or Gray, it would make for a most interesting PRA, at the very least we'll know what name and information to look for when going through the large PRA dump that will eventually be forthcoming.
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