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Originally Posted by Hunter
Well, I guess it depends on what waters you are calling local........Socal? Central Valley (North or South?), Norcal?....
You're absolutely right. While there are waters in Central and NorCal that I wouldn't have an issue pulling crawdad's out of, I was referring to the OPs question and many follow up posts discussing SoCal waters.

Much of the Southern part of this state is insanely contaminated with heavy metals, street runoff, car emission pollusion, industrial and residential chemicals, raw untreated sewage, and fertilizers. Nasty, nasty stuff that I don't recommend anyone take their chances with.

It's not worth putting you or your family's health at risk, just purchase them (they aren't that expensive), or take the family camping up north to where the waters run a little cleaner.

I don't even recommend that you eat the fish that come out of our local (SoCal) lakes. It's not funny what sort of contaminates you can find in the water.

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