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Originally Posted by Scott5182 View Post
Must have high speed internet access.

- Must own a computer.

- Has knowledge and training to be able to use the internet.

- Has the knowledge and training to fully utilize said computer + internet.

- Must own or have access to a quality digital camera.

- Has the knowledge & ability to be able to take quality, clear digital photos photos.

- Has the knowledge and ability to create an account on a website and upload photos to said site.

So I understand that the higher courts see a Voter ID card requirement to vote to be too demanding of a Citizen to exercise their right to vote....

Now the state of Komifornia wants firearm enthusiast to do all of this to exercise their right to keep property that they already purchased legally with out becoming a felon?

Maybe this is part of their plan? Another freebie to all the welfare queens out there.

"Seeing as government services now require the use of a digital camera, PC and high speed internet, we, the legislature of California now institute a program to provide said products to all. For free*"

*Free is a relative term qualified by whether we, the government of the People's Republic of California deem you "rich" or not. If you are "rich" by our estimation and not a Democrat party donor, you will be penalized for your actual utility to society until you are brought to a level of abject penury below every other person in this state. The term person includes all residents and non-residents, documented or undocumented, fictional or non-fictional, past, present or future. This level of burdensome taxation shall continue in perpetuity, or until the government collapses beneath the groaning weight of its own grossly outsized body of mal-influence, whichever comes first.

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