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Originally Posted by Discogodfather View Post
I bought the stock and put it on a rifle. And yes, in certain situations it's unsafe, regardless of the amount of training. Definitely less safe than a pistol grip. It's not a bad option, but it's severely crippling your ability to control the rifle in high stress situations.

Now show me the options that are anywhere near this well thought out and designed for other rifles. They don't exist. All we have is a bunch of terrible kydex, or worse, no grip at all!
I have to agree, I made my own grip because I didn't like any of what was out there. In all reality it's not as safe as a standard grip. The safety being on the wrong side isn't an argument because you can buy a left handed or ambi safety. But you don't get the ability to properly hold the weapon. I haven't dropped mine but I see how it's possible. I added a bunch of stippling to my grip to help. Only reason I went this route is mag release. If the DOJ allowed it with registration I would do it.