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I don't see anything that mentions changes except:

5477. Registration of Assault Weapons Pursuant to Penal Code Section 30900(b)(1); Post-Registration Modification of Registered Assault Weapons, Prohibition.

(a) The release mechanism for an ammunition feeding deice on an assault weapon registered pursuant to Penal Code section 30900, subvdivision (b)(1) shall not be changed after the assault weapon is registered. A weapon's eligibility for registration pursuant to Penal Code section 30900, subdivision (b)(1) depends, in part, on its release mechanism. Any alteration to the release mechanism converts the assault weapon into a different weapon from the one that was registered

You can't change from a bullet button to a standard magazine release, but I see nothing about changing the upper. An AW must have an upper and be a complete fully functioning firearm in order to be registered.
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