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Originally Posted by Discogodfather View Post
You're making a logical mistake. You can in fact wrap your thumb around a conventional stock. I can't believe you didn't realize this man, you got to think about these things for more than a few minutes.

It depends on what type of featureless. Yes, grip wraps are a little cumbersome, but a very cheap way to solve a problem (especially with AKs). If you want featureless and something along the lines of a real rifle feel, the Thordsen stock works well. It looks stupid and is much more expensive, but it works well. Monster man is surprising good for AKs, I have not tried the ar15 version. But you can "grip" the monster man. Just from below with your whole hand. Also there is the exile machine fin, which has a stumpy grip sticking out out sideways, and surprisingly feels like you're actually gripping the pistol grip. But as you know featureless has been used long before any of these AW regs came out. I haven't heard of any accidents using grip wraps, or all the other variations. It just boils down to comfort. I don't think you can legally make a case that these are dangerous when there isn't any documented instances of an issue.