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Originally Posted by ibanezfoo View Post
Thats the coolest part I think. Of course theres always those online know-it-all douchebag kids who think if you don't play their "expertly crafted" build you suck... but F em'...
Hey now.

I had a sorceress that could not do anything, but then I started following one of those d-bag builds and I was like, WOW, this is cool... Next thing you know I was throwing ice orbs and fire balls and actually beat the game in Hell mode... Now she is a matriarch or whatever...

Just saying, SOMETIMES some of those folks know what works good.

How big is this game? Space wise? I mean, I got 28GB free but it seems like it is taking a while to d/l after installing it and running it for the first time. I wonder if they do that to not scare people away from d/ling it the first time. Like, I would rather d/l a 6 MB file then a 2.4GB sized file... I hope this thing is fun.

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