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Default AZ/FL/NV/OR/UT permits...

This year, I decided to just go for it. It just so happens, I travel to each of these states either for Work or Pleasure several times a year. In fact, heading to Phoenix and Orlando again in Sept. While there is reciprocity across states (and I could technically get away with only a few of these permits) I am compelled to acquire them "because I can".

1) Though it costs a bit more, It's my way of supporting the state that allows me, a resident of CA, to obtain their non-resident permit. Take my money.
2) If stopped by LE, I simply feel more complete knowing I'm carrying in their state with a permit they issued to me.
3) Through time, some states' reciprocity laws have changed, and this is my way of "locking in" the permits for the states I travel to most.

The downside obviously is that I'll be renewing multiple permits, but that's OK - that's what I signed up for.

Funny part is the "gateway permit", Utah, will essentially be for good measure as I've only ever been there once in my life to go snowboarding in Park City and Brighton... maybe one day I'll return. If I could do it over, I would have planned to take the NV training class to use for all the permits.... but it turns out I ended up taking 1 class in CA, and will take the 8 hour class in NV.

Anyone else feel that multiple permits is overkill but ACTUALLY justify it in a similar fashion to myself?

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