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Originally Posted by rero360 View Post
If you look at AR15s site, the differences are in the thousands of an inch range, in my opinion none being to the point that it would be unsafe to shoot one out of the other.

Think about it, the differences between .38sp and .357mag, .45 Long Colt and .454 Casull are much greater, yet you see people shooting .38s and .45s out of the others respectively all the time, and the dimensional differences are greater than .00x

Me, I'll continue shooting all .223 and 5.56 through my AR without a care in the world.
I think this is right. I think 5.56 is actually .224 which is why you can use .223 in 5.56 but not the other way round. Like I say I'm not 100% on this so don't hate people if this isn't correct.

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