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Originally Posted by Yehosha View Post
For full details on storage of the items go here. Here's the list:

1. Hard Liquor
2. Rice
3. Sugar
4. Cornstarch
5. Honey
6. Distilled White Vinegar
7. Pure Vanilla Extract
8. Salt

I've also read that dried beans and pasta never expire either, just lose flavor and become harder to cook, but those weren't mentioned in the article.

What are your thoughts on with those foods?
Hard Liquor is not considered "food". While it has some caloric value from the sugars used in the initial fermentation,it doesn't have much in the way of vitamins, protien, fats etc.

Vanilla extract is simply another form of hard liquor. It is alcohol in which vanilla beans have been soaked and the alcohol takes up vanilla "flavor".

Distilled White Vinegar is more useful as an additive for pickling, a flavoring, or as a cleaning or medical supply than it as a food on it's own.

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