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Originally Posted by xxsleepyxx View Post
You have a very obvious gun case (Pelican, Gunvault, Glock bag). If a cop sees it and can tell it is indeed a gun case can he/she make you open it? I would think that resistance in this scenario would result in a arrest. Also I believe that if the appearance of a case was obvious then you are obligated to open it or else you could be interfering with investigations. Maybe we should just use backpacks then huh?
This is a very good hypothetical question.
It makes me sometime want to try it out by having a soft rifle case in the backseat of my car, and have it be filled with stinky laundry or something

That way, if I refuse a search of the case by a cop, and he does it anyway, then I can file a wrongful search AND he has touched my unmentionables and fouled socks that have been God knows where, haha!
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Originally Posted by AleksandreCz View Post
Thank god the Federal Government is there to protect us from the Federal Government
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