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Originally Posted by phm View Post
You are wrong, if you apply for any professional license or for a peace officer status in the State of California you have to disclose the fact that you were convicted of a felony;Period. Just check with the Department of Real Estate and look at the application for a real esate license; it specifically states that expungements under pc 1203.4 must be disclosed, you can still get your license issued but you must disclose, for peace officer status you are disqualified for life if you were ever convicted of a felony as an adult even if you had an expungement under 1203.4.

you are partially correct, We only need to disclose our expungment for Professional Licensure, i.e, Medical Doctor, Real Estate Agent, Dentist, And for Peace Officer Jobs, but this also Includes any State Job, including The State lottery, or when Contracting with the state lottery.
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