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Originally Posted by Gun_Owner_901 View Post
If your have your guns with you and you know they are legal to own and have with you, I would just say yes let him check them out and let him be on his way, if you have a gun with you and you say no, and he ends up searching your car or truck, you just lied to a fish and game warden or police or CHP depending on who pulled you over, if your not breaking the law its always better to be honest then to cause trouble, I always go point A to B when I have a firearm in my car, never any stops in between.

You are very welcome to do this if you want in your car. However, many people have been arrested for having a perfectly legal firearm that an officer didn't believe was. Some have been arrested twice for the same firearm hence the law suit against the California AW bill. To think you are safe simply because you "know" it's legal is naive at best. What they don't know won't hurt you.
Tomís right, and the right of any other citizen, to arm himself should not be subject to approval by a civil servant who will not be present to protect them.
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