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The last time a LEO checked a weapon of mine he was disrespectful with it. Tossing it on it's side across the hard case, not on the foam, on the hard plastic.

I was pissed and made it known that the guy was a donkey and to be careful with my ****! Still pissed about it.

So, why would I want another donkey touching any gun I own?

All they're doing is rousting you to the full extent they can, not because they think you are a person that is doing illegal stuff but because they want to intimidate the public. They want you to be scared, they want you to think you can't get away with anything because officer Fife is on the job.

If everyone just rolls over they will get worse and worse about violating your rights. You can be one that just takes it in the rear or you can be one of the few the politely assert your rights. The more people that assert their rights the less time they have to hassle everyone. Then, and only then will things work better for everyone.

See how that works, just be polite, assert your rights and there is no way they can hassle every car that comes down the road. I'll gladly get hassled if it means we can work to a better understanding between us and them.

The less people that stand up, the worse it gets. Makes me mad at the ones that give it all away so they can "be on their way", home for supper on time, ya know. Spineless.

"one test is worth a thousand opinions".
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