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It was in relation to OP, because shotguns and such were mentioned, if someone does not have much strength the simple solution is a slight bit of physical conditioning. That aside, and ability to handle a fire arm properly, the OP's mother may not in the end have it in her, to take another persons life to defend her own, quite a few people I've come across have commented so, luckily their experiences were when the intruders saw a fire arm, at least for the 3 women I talked to, they turned tail. That may not be the case for everyone. So besides just having a "gun" there is the mental preparedness, as well the physical aspect of being able to handle a 590a1 or 870 with normal loads, not all folks out the door can, its a donkey kick for some. Good physical condition allows folks to do things adequately as well, properly. Dick Proenneke when building his Alaskan wilderness home was in very good shape when he retired and headed out there to build. Its what separates 280+ pound guys with 5xl rigs airsofting and LE in their proper weight range training with EAG or etc. Was merely saying since OP stated his mother was weak, she could benefit from a little work and notice diff in a few weeks time. He stated his father in the hospital, its a logical suggestion she'd better herself slightly, it does nothing but positives for her. Nothing I mentioned has any negative purpose. I don't see anything wrong with what I have suggested, I mention fitness here, because it goes hand in hand with ones health, ability to do daily task normally, and helps in a dynamic stress situation.

It spans my own experiences in Health and Fitness, The Medical Field as a Nurse for a few years at UCI MED and Mission Hospital, as well now, in Law Enforcement. Anything done that betters a person through advice is never wrong, and suggestions there of anywhere, is always a great place. If his mom is sickly, or just naturally small in stature and weaker in comparison to others around her, such activities could greatly benefit her. That is all. Again, if its ghastly wrong and becoming strong in attempt to handle fire arms better for her own health, as well protection? I apologize, I ran my post across a few others on Lightfighter, a few friends I served with on ProSol, no one seems to find fault with it, all great advice. If its somehow offensive though, apologies, just want others stronger and fit, capable for themselves, or in OP's case, to take care of herself now with the absence of ability for her husband to do so. And it was in relation to someone else I knew, everyone whos solidly committed to losing weight. Or if not that, just gaining a little strength, and dexterity. Have not had any negative after effects. James Y. TacResponse was a bit chub, after a while of working it, lost the weight, and is better for it.

All I've ever suggested was good for others. Nothing malicious or wrong with it. With a better even if very slightly stronger person? Comes better ability with a fire arm, and more confidence in themselves.

If thats really wrong, then I apologize.
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