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When I want something that I really really want I get it. No questions asked. Like my last rifle purchase.

I was in the store picking up something and I asked the guy, 'Do you have....., he said yes, I said, 'kin ah hold it pwease'
He said, 'Sure, lil lady, here ya are.'

Was love at first hold.

I said, 'Wrap it up and put a scope on it and I be back in 10 days'

Plunked down the cash and l love my new toy!

Of course, there was accessories to buy for it, which was fun too!
"But if someone has a gun and is trying to kill you ... it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun."

Dalai Lama

A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
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