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Originally Posted by KABA556 View Post
I can understand the first part about cleaning tools, but I absolutely will never buy a woman jewely because it goes against my moral code and my personal philosophy. Not to mention, if you buy a woman jewelry there is no end in sight, it would be like buying an addict heroin, he will always expect more, no end in sight...

A worthless rock that some con-man found on the ground and was able to convince the women of the world that it is worth 4 months salary and if a man won't buy it for her he's a snake, I want no part of that.

If you know the history of De Beers and what they did to the Boers in South Africa, you'll never look at diamonds the same way. Keep in mind that diamonds are not even rare, there are millions upon millions of them, De Beers and other companies simply warehouse them in vaults, keeping them off the market, to create artificial shortages.

If you read the Scriptures of the Old Testament and the Letters of Paul, it is clear that jewelry is simply a vanity. It is a way for a woman to broadcast to society, "look at how much the man I am with spends on me." I don't want any part of that lifestyle.

With that said, there's nothing wrong with a particularly expensive gift, but I'd prefer it be personal and meaningful. If you know your wife of 15 years thoroughly enjoyed a particular book as a child and it was her absolute favorite book, it might be worth considering finding a first edition of said book, even if you have to hit up a number of book dealers and find one who has a book that old. I have a number of books that are 100+ years old and some that are around 150+ years old. If she really enjoyed a board-game that has been out of production since the 1970s, I wouldn't object to spending the time to track down an original first production run of the game.

But jewelry, never!

I never look at jewelry as a way to broadcast anything to society. That is just absurd. Nice jewelry is just nice jewelry and it doesn't have to be a big rock to make it good or thoughtful. I love the fact that my husband has taken time to find something he thinks I might like. Personally, I like dainty jewelry.

Once again, we are all different. If your wife loves an old board game or a book, so be it. Get it for her. However, I don't think it makes a woman vain nor a social climber because she likes jewelry. No need to thump people over the head with a bible because they wear jewelry.

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