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Originally Posted by MonsterMan View Post
I've always thought what if you built a "long gun" from a new receiver. 16 inch barrel and pistol buffer tube. Not a rifle (no stock) so no bullet button needed, you can use pistol grip as normal and keep your magazines detachable. Not a pistol (16 inch barrel) so no worries there. I've thrown this out there a few times but nobody wants to try it. Others have built AR type long guns using spade grips and kept mag release detachable because it wasn't a rifle. They had pistol grips too. Thought this seemed like a neat idea.
well this is what we do know

all ar pistols need BB due to the magweel being outside the pistol grip

all rifles need a BB if it has either a telescoping stock, a pistol grip, or a flash hider

while putting a 16" barrel on a pistol lower is legal, u are utilizing your pistol on long gun configuration which would make you applicable to all long gun laws...

no matter what you need a BB unless you go featureless rifle

your contending because it doesn't have a stock it is not a rifle since it is not designed to be fired from the shoulder... good luck making your case to a judge who has no idea what your talking about.. let alone 6 jurors...

but i see what you are saying... my 1919 has a pistol grip with no stock.. yet it doesn't have a bullet button...

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