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Originally Posted by CSACANNONEER View Post
So what? So the DROS form doesn't have the correct choice. How does that affect anything? Are you trying to say that CA's DROS system somehow is capable of legally making a virgin receiver into a "rifle" although it doesn't fit CA's own legal definition of "rifle"? If I incorrectly transfer and register a motorcycle as a 1/2 ton pick up, is it now legally considered a 1/2 ton truck? Or, do I still need a motorcycle endorsement on my license to drive it on public roadways?
atf has ruled DROS does not change the classification of a firearm.. nothing can.. it is only what it is per their definitions.

let me be clear - No matter what the DROS says... a receiver is only a receiver until it is built in the eyes of the ATF. whatever it is built as, will be what it is for the remainder of the guns existence.

if built into a pistol, the gun will always be a pistol, - however, it can be in a temporary rifle configuration and be converted back to pistol configuration.

if built into a rifle, it will always be a rifle and can never be converted into a pistol

if left as a receiver, and in CA dressed as a long gun, it is still a receiver in the eyes of the ATF and can be built into a pistol in a different state.

if the receiver is built into a long gun, and drosd as a long gun, it can never be a pistol in any state!

get it?
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