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Originally Posted by crufflers View Post
I wouldn't say a 0095 is lower end. Still typically sold for over $200... now it is discontinued so it is selling for $180. Maybe a 0350 and 0566 are the lower end... models with speedsafe for sure IMHO.

Agreed, there's not a ZT that is on par with a Gerber or CS folder in general... CS makes some really nice fixed blades that I'd rather have over a ZT. I haven't had a Gerber in a looong time... AR3B... I had this one and it was ok.

Probably any Chinese $40 liner lock would be A LOT better these days... Civivi, Tuya, etc...

I can't think of any good ones from BIG 5... Benchmade REDs were good. Benchmade had a china made line for a while.
I got a 95BW for $109 so took the plunge.

The CS knives are sick.

I have a Code 4 Tanto that anyone could use daily, a Spartan for fishing and Kukri for camping.

Originally Posted by cgseanp1 View Post
What makes the ZT 0095 “lower end”?

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Some of their knives are like $800.
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