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Originally Posted by MajorCaliber View Post
Just to clarify, Yes, I would call the upper "high end" or at least not "cheap A**" with the relevant parts being an Aero Precision enhanced upper and Sharps balanced BCG with DLC coating. The charging handle was standard, and I can't imagine the other upper parts such as barrel or handguard could be relevant. The lower was build from an 80% lower, PSA lower parts kit, buffer tube, buffer and spring from Thorsden. I did check the buffer retainer and it was properly captured at the shoulder and functioning properly. I also did check the alignment of the buffer tube to the lower, and lacking sophisticated measuring gear, it was straight in both dimensions within what my eyeballs can detect, and the buffer and spring moved freely in the buffer tube throughout its travel when pushed by a dowel.
I mention to check the butt plate and castle nut in post #5. Did you report back on that?
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