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Default BCG getting stuck back in buffer tube

A friend and I are building ARs from 80% lowers with the same jig and tooling but starting with different MFGR blanks. Mine works just fine when paired with my Aero Precision upper and high end Sharps balanced BCG. When my upper and BCG was paired with friends lower with no mag in place, the charging handle was very stiff to pull back and BCG stuck in full rear position. It stuck about a behind contacting the bolt catch and bolt catch moved freely with no effect. I was able to CAREFULLY pry the bolt forward using a wooden chopstick. I replaced my BCG with a MilSpec BCG and charging was stiff but the BCG would return forward. Either of the BCGs will work with my upper and lower. I dont have a second upper to try at this moment. The problem is not related to the buffer or spring because interchanging the buffer and springs had no effect in either lower, and when both buffers are depressed manually in their respective lowers with a wooden dowel, they depress to the same depth and return freely.

Any idea what the cause of problem is?
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