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Question for you guys

When I was an adolescent (14-18) I was a part of a military explorer program, which was founded and run by former SF guys (Vietnam/Desert Storm). Obviously, the kids wear the current Army uniform. It was BDU, now it's ACU, or Multicam on FTXs. Many many of our alumni enlisted, many went SF, or Ranger (tabbed, not Ranger battalion), as well as 82nd, 101st, 25thID, etc.
I'm 25 now, I never did enlist (Which I regret now, but I never would have met my wife if I had). I still volunteer over there, because the unit did great things for me. Some of my closest friends served and I have the utmost respect for them.

But I dont even feel worthy to wear my uniform there. It has the group's unit patch and qualification tabs (we run our own condensed "Ranger school" called Recondo school, which was a term from the Vietnam era).

I dont feel right wearing the uniform at times, but I should because even though I havent served, I'm still an adult volunteer and need to set an example.

How do you vets feel about this?
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