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Choosing and being able to shoot a handgun well is such a personal thing. What fits the average man's hand won't necessarily fit the average woman's hand. (For instance, almost every guy I've dated, I've made him put his palm against mine. And men have big hands compared to women.) So the recurrent thought offered in these "What first handgun should I get for myself/my wife/GF?" threads is and will always be: Let her pick her first handgun by trying many.

And sticky? Yeah, that's a good thought. But everybody who posts a query thread always thinks he (or she) has a unique question and can't even be bothered to read old threads, let alone a sticky.

So I guess we're stuck with guys and gals forever asking, "What first handgun should I get myself/my wife/GF?," as well as always having more guys answer the questions (or post replies) in the Ladies Forum.

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