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Originally Posted by scarville View Post

The Fanboys will tell her to forget everything else and that Gaston Glock is the One True Savior. The 1911 bigots will counter with the claim that John Browning's design is Perfection itself handed down by God (or at least the Angel Moroni). If she has the temerity to think a revolver might be best she can still read the interminable arguments over Ruger versus S&W.
LOL Awesome.

Originally Posted by Exile Machine View Post
I've had much better luck buying the guns for myself and getting my wife a pass to the day spa.
I second this motion.

As to the topic, I am the "gun guy" in my circle of friends. I have a lot of people male and female ask me about what gun I think they should buy. I guess I could just tell them to go out and spend all kinds of money renting and trying different guns. But I don't see that as being very helpful. I don't think there is anything wrong with asking other womans opinions of the guns they think other women would like. I can see myself asking that question here if I had neglected to use the search function and do some digging before I opened my mouth. I think we should just suggest that all those posting the same questions do some reading, and if they feel their particular situation needs specific mention then by all means start a thread with your question.
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