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I had several friends who were there that Saturday when it all happened. The Russian guys blew up a large amount of tannerite about 20' in front of the line. It blew crap all over people and everything for a pretty large distance. It sounded like the Sherriff's were somewhere relatively close and watched it happen. My friends said they were there within a couple minutes after it happened. Probably a good thing they showed up because there were a lot pissed off people.
I was there Sunday the day after. There were 4 guys at the bench next to us shooting AR's for a while. Then they started throwing clay targets and shooting shotguns. That was fine for a while until I hear about 8 pops in row and look over and see one dkhed trying to shoot a flying clay with his AR. Shooting not just over the berms but over the hills towards Penn Valley and Lake Wildwood. Some one told him not to do it again and he go the message. What a effed up place. I won't be going back

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