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Trigger control (know exactly where it breaks).

Sight alignment and follow through as hammer falls.

Transition from target to target (driving the sights there).

Strong hand, weak hand dry firing.

Hand to hand transfer drill.

Sight picture to sight picture mag changes.

Sight alignment and transition from target to target with trigger pressure applied just to the point of break, but not quite. Done while walking on a treadmill (teaches you to shoot the sights while shooting on the move). Trying to time the shots with foot position is a Loser when shooting on the move, just learn to shoot the sights.

One handed gun grabs from flat table surface (teaches you how to pick up a pistol AND get a good grip). You don't always start shooting from a holster.

All sight pictures are done using a series of post-it notes stuck on a wall about 6-8 feet away.

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