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I know that with the Marine Corps you can request for a specific military occupational specialty, which is something you can work out when you talk with a recruiter. Recruiters will usually work with you until you're happy with your enlistment choice. I personally didn't choose the exact job I wanted but I was given a job category which stated no matter what job I was going to get, it would have to be IT related.

Also note that there may be age requirements (27 for active duty Air Force, 34 for active duty Navy), given your 12 years of job experience, that will will probably put you somewhere around 30? Don't fret too much as there's waivers for that, and your resume will help show to the recruiter that you will be a valuable asset, hopefully to the field that you choose.

At the same time though, while your previous experience will play a small part in some way, it also doesn't really matter. Unlike almost all jobs where employers hire people that are already trained, servicemembers are trained about their job during their enlistment. Not saying your 12 years is meaningless, but I would say that it won't help steer you into the career of your choice.

At the end of the day, it's about showing the military branch of your choice that you can be useful to them, and the 12 year work experience you've had so far will help you. I'd personally be more concerned about your physical health as that plays a decent portion of your enlistment process as well.

Oh yeah, be sure to ask about bonuses. I know a few people that got bonuses for shipping out early, or for filling in critical needed jobs.

Good luck!

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