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Tabors has the 9mm and SJGE has a used one. I have one, great fit and finish. Very reliable once I got a firing spring/pin issue corrected.

My pet peeve is that these shorter barreled alloy 1911s don't have a Detonics sized grip, that is, shorter than the Officers Model type on Colt, Kimber & Para. I know we loose rounds doing it, but a shorter grip would still carry 6 in 45 ACP and 7 or 8 in 9mm.

Being that it's a 9, the EMP has very little recoil and the downsized grip and back end of the slide area is noticeable. I have failrly large hands and the EMP from the trigger guard on back gets pretty much swallowed up.

FYI - a friend has an EMP in 40, much heavier than the 9 version. The steel frame adds quite a bit.
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