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The 1709 update is the Windows 10 Fall Creator update. Its a big update and it has been causing some issues on some computers. I just did the update on my laptop and desktop. The laptop update went smooth. Took about an hour. The desktop update wasn't as smooth. Once the update started installing, my monitor lost signal and did not turn back on. I didn't know what was happening. The HD activity LED was a solid RED. After about 10-15 min of not knowing if it has crashed or if its doing anything in the background, I cold rebooted the computer. Well, the monitor still did not turn on after the reboot. So I hooked up my TV to it and worked on my TV while the computer monitor did not work. When I got it to work on my TV it was showing that Windows was restoring to previous version...AKA...the update failed. After doing some reading I found out that this issue is caused by outdated video driver. Once windows restored itself to the version prior the Creator update, I installed the latest video driver and tried again. This time the update installed without a problem.

OP. Download the update manually. Make sure all your drivers are up to date and are from the manufacturers websites. Then give the 1709 update a try. May take a while. Let it do it's thing.
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