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I ended up doing a clean install. Since the clean install, everything working fine. After making sure everything within Win 10 is current, I then "introduced" printers/scanners (anything requiring a driver) one-by-one. I let Win 10 find the driver. I then tested out each peripheral (restarting 4 times after each peripheral's driver was installed and tested).

First program installed was MS Office, which went well. Then re-started. I did a restart after installing each program (Acrobat, Photoshop, Quickbooks Pro, Quicken, Chrome, Opera, etc., etc.).

So far, everything is good. I DID NOT install EST NOD32 anti-virus. From what I've read (or lack thereof from ESET's web site), they are not conveying confidence that their anti-virus software is 100% Win 10 compatible. They say it will automatically disable Win Defender. But I saw previously it did not (at least not on my PC). While I have NOD32 installed on my laptop with Win 10, I don't use the laptop nearly as much as my desktop PC. Also, I think NOD32 was, in part, the reason why my previous Win 10 install "constipated".

I do have lighter programs installed like Malwarebytes, Bandicam, Bandicut and other video related software that I've tested without issues.

Thanks again everyone for the suggestions.
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