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Originally Posted by warbird View Post
that is so he can claim the support and still block you by burying you in a ton of extra paperwork/fees that are useless. It is kind of like saying "I am pro 2 second amendment and push gun rights to make us equal to other states but in the meantime i am going to bury you under useless paper work and high fees so i make the ant-gun people happy." I always called it being two-faced myself.
Based on what I've read as to Sniff here, during a luncheon outing where a few here endorsed him, but later changed the endorsement to a recommendation when the sheriff's recalcitrant nature was brought up...OT, but I've seen better examples of CYA from nursery school children.

So all that said, doesn't CRPA care enough about the CCW situation with Sniff to be frank with its members as to why they support him?

Do the members care enough to get a straight answer from CRPA?

Has CRPA donated to Sniff's campaign?

I would not mind if this thread were merged with the thread about gun owners eating their own...imo a perfect example.
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