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Originally Posted by spy-d View Post
NO... I am NOT a LEO, nor do I claim to know all the laws in Calif.
But I did get a ticket in 1982, outside of Gridley, Calif.
For having 7 cars behind me. And the POSTED speed limit was 55 MPH.
We were coming into town with a speed limet of 35. That is where we got the ticket from a CHP. Of course it was droped.

And that was a surprized to me, my dad, and my Uncle. My uncle was the most surprised. And he was called a Hanging Judge.

Who am I? I am the son of the man who wrote the book "How to fight a windmill" Also known as How to protest Property Taxes.

My Uncle was a Judge In Butte County.

Think I am pulling a fast one? Write me.
And what does any of this have to do with your original claim that you will get a ticket under 22400(a) if you are doing the POSTED speed limit and holding up traffic?

Originally Posted by spy-d View Post
I heard something about that as well.

If you are driving at the POSTED speed limit, And there are other people passing you, You will get a ticket for holding up traffic.

And I am not talking about a 2-lane road. I am talking about a 4-lane Highway Like I-5 or On the 405.

Originally Posted by carlosdanger View Post
Weiner is in jail for doing much less than Kavanaugh or your Dear Leader Trump have done and they are walking around free.

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