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Oh uh wow. To be honest once I work up a load I don't keep repeating the same data in my log. Maybe I should? I only do if I'm doing something new, testing, whatev.

Uhh prolly 8k 9mm and a few hundred .223

Am I the only one that forgets where he stashes ammo? I'm going to stumble across an ammo box or two sooner or later. I think!

Oh and I cast prolly 6 or 7000 bullets. Cheap, but its labor intensive. I just use a 2 pot tumble lube though. I'm glad I did it, but with the smoke at indoor ranges and barrel leading hassle. It's about half the cost or less, but it takes me an hour or 3 to do 400 bullets maybe, not including TL and resizing.

I could crank it up with a 6 pot and lubrisizer for a few hundred bucks, but after a few too many close calls with molten lead maybe I should leave that for people smarter than me LOL

EDIT: I paid around $1/pd for lead shipped. If I got it significantly cheaper and with less hassle than that, say, free, then I'd maybe still do it.
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