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Default My first new gun purchase - Sig Sauer SP2022 .40 with Range Report pics

Just Got back my first new hand gun purchase, the Sig Sauer SP2022 .40 cal. Got it for a nice price of 399$. I rented this gun before i bought it so i knew what i was getting before hand. I shot the .9mm and it was very nice and accurate.
About the right around my price range. The competing hand gun was a FNP .40 but ended up in this direction. Sig quality is awesome. It came in the cardboard box (No biggie,bought a 10$ case) and lock.

Range report - Before Shooting I shined a light down the barrel and cleaned out the first shot(s) from factory. I ran my bore snake down it 2-3 times and put a little hoppes lube on one time. It obviously shoot way better then my Beretta 96 .40 that I've put 1500 rounds through this year. It ate 250 rounds of Walmart Remington UMC that i bought for 82$ bucks. Flawless, no malfunctions, FTF or FTE, thank god.
Took her back home, cleaned her up and lubed her down. Then a little photo shoot at my bro's place. LOVE IT!
Things next for her - Sig Itac Holster, Night sights (contrast sucks) and Bead blasting the slide.

Top HK USP .45,Middle Sig Sauer SP2022 .40, Bottom
XD-9 v10.

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