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The turret press, especially Lee Classic Cast, is your friend and not only a good place to start but quite possibly the only press you will ever need for revolver ammo.

You will need almost all the accessories, so look at adjustable charge bar; powder riser, so your powder hopper can clear the other dies; the swivel adapter, so the powder hopper can be centered over the other dies, clear of the primer, ram and ram handle and the powder charge inspection light.

I suggest you get Lee dies, but otherwise you will need Lee lock rings, because they are compact enough to fit in a 4 die cluster without interference. I actually have Hornady and Lee mixed, so I learned that lock ring trick (or lesson).

It's possible to use a powder cop or such with some offsetting compromise, but I suggest you instead go for a flexlight that will brightly illuminate the inside of the case as it approaches the bullet insertion station. I prefer my big one, which I got at Lowe's in the plumbing tool area. I attached it to the press's frame upright using elastic bandage.
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