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Originally Posted by Not a Cook View Post
Reloading newb here who is interested in getting into reloading .38 and .357 MAG, and could use the input of some experienced reloaders. I'm interested in a turret press, and am seriously thinking about a Lee 4 Hole Classic Turret Press kit. I'm seeing them for +/- $300 out the door, including the dies and shipping. Depending on how things go, I might get into reloading some of the other more common rounds. The question is basically this: would the Lee 4 Hole Classic Turret Press Kit be a good place to start, with the goal of NOT having to move up to something much pricier for a long time (if ever)? Is there another turret press you'd recommend instead to someone in my place? Also, is there a way to run a powder check die in the Lee 4 Hole Classic, or would I have to move up to something like the 7 hole Redding T-7 turret press (for a lot more money!)? Any thoughts/advice? Any help is appreciated!
The answer is NOT YES.

The answer is HELL YES!

What city are you in? Some members would be glad to possibly show or help you out aside from videos. I love my Lee Classic Turret (LCT) and it has done a LOT. It is a freaking trooper and I am glad that I chose it as my first press. The only other thing you can also do is get hand primers. Because, EVEN though it is easly to setup and operate, after doing several thousand .45ACP and .44 mag loads, it might get to be a pain in your elbow for pulling that lever on HARD primers like Tula. That is all that I load for money savings but I want to switch over to hand priming now and see what speeds I can pick up there. BTW, I have NEVER had a messed up/flipped/upside down primer in my LCT with the on press Safety Prime. As long as you watch it and load it properly you shouldn't either.

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